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valets & prices

We like to be clear about our prices, which reflect the level of service we provide.  Our prices rarely vary from list prices but we do reserve the right to alter them in special circumstances (e.g. for 4x4 vehicles/MPVs and pet hair removal).

We can also offer you an excellent annual valeting programme, created for your individual requirements. These contracts are charged at 10% less than our normal prices.

An individual valet, tailored specifically to your needs, can be done on request.

Please click on the name of the valet for a summary of the specification.

BASIC SERVICES - for cars cleaned on a regular basis

Wash/Wheels £12.00
Wash/Wheels & Vacuum £25.00
1* Valet £30.00

COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES – for those cars needing more thorough cleaning

2* Valet £42.00
3* Valet £70.00

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE – if your car has been a little neglected,
or you are looking to sell then this is the ideal service for you.

4* Valet £130.00

PREMIUM SERVICES – for those clients who only want the best and require showroom standards.

5* Valet £190.00
Detailing Services      From £250


De-Tar & Polish £35.00
Liquid Hard Wax £35.00
2 * Valet + De Tar & Polish £70.00
3 * Valet + De Tar & Polish £80.00
Interior Valet (Intensive) £110.00
Seats and Carpets £75.00 +
Milk Spill - Price on Viewing (£45-£300)
Leather Clean & Feed £30.00
Engine Clean £30.00
Paint Restore & Polish Price on Viewing

Please note all prices are subject to VAT.